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Our Vision

It’s important for our club to have a direction. The club Vision and Mission are a great way to encapsulate club’s purpose and future aspirations.

The Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club is known as a successful family orientated club, which contributes to the wider community both on and off the field.

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club is the development of junior football and footballers. We will provide the bay-side area with a football program that prepares young players both mentally and physically for senior football. This will include the provision of a safe and supportive community-based environment which encourages skill development, fitness, fair play and teamwork.

Roxburgh Park United SC facilitates a safe, fun, friendly and fair environment which encourages and supports its members to participate and play soccer in comfortable community surroundings. We believe that the Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club must continue to grow for the benefit and enjoyment of its players and supporters and all those who benefit from our community

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