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Club Rules for Members

Club Rules for Members
Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club
 Membership Rules By-laws 

1. The purpose of these Membership Rules is to: 
    1.1 Ensure an inclusive sporting environment for players of all ages and skill levels. 
    1.2 Provide a safe and respectful environment for our members. 
    1.3 Support the clubs values of “Respect, Good sportsmanship and Enjoyment”. 

2. For the purpose of these Rules, a “Member” shall be defined as: 
    2.1 A player; 
    2.2 The parent/s or legal guardian/s of a player; 
    2.3 Any team official (coach or team manager) who is not otherwise a parent; 
    2.4 An elected member; 
    2.5 A Life Member 

Who these rules apply to 
3. These rules apply to all members of the Club, as defined in Rule 2 above. 

Registration and Fees 
4. All players are required to complete the Club’s registration process prior to the commencement of each season. 
5. All players are required to pay the prescribed Membership Fees each season, by the due date. 
    5.1  Membership Fees are due prior to the commencement of the new season, or as notified by the Club; 
    5.2  A player who fails to pay the required Membership Fees by the due date will be suspended from participating with a team (including training) until such payment is made; 
    5.3  A player who has outstanding Membership Fees will not be granted a clearance to another club. 
6. Teams are responsible for the payment of their weekly match fees and any forfeit fines. The Club does not accept liability for penalties incurred due to forfeited games. 
7. The match fee is divided equally between the players in the team and all players are required to pay their share of the match fee for the season (not just for games played) to the Team Manager as and when requested. Failure to pay match fee contributions may result in suspension from participation. 

Member Conduct 
8. All members must uphold the Club’s values of “Respect, Good Sportsmanship, and 
    8.1 Do not abuse players, coaches, referees or other parents from the sidelines; 
    8.2 Give positive support and encouragement; 
    8.3 Do not abuse or criticise children during or after a game; 
    8.4 Under no circumstances should adult members approach any child in a threatening or aggressive manner regardless of any perceived offence committed by the child during the game. 
9. All members and their guests are subject to the conditions of the Football Victoria Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Parents & Spectators and the Member Rules By-Laws of the Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club at all times. 
    9.1 Breaches of the Code of Conduct or the Club’s Rules by any player, coach or parent/spectator may result in a report and Tribunal hearing, and/or disciplinary action taken by the Club in accordance with the Club’s Constitution. 
    9.2 All members are responsible for ensuring the behavior and conduct of their guests does not breach the Club’s rules or the Codes of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the member facing disciplinary procedures in accordance with the Club’s Constitution. 
10. Respect our volunteer coaches: 
     10.1 DO NOT coach children from the sidelines; 
     10.2 Attend all training sessions;
     10.3 Advise the coach if unable to attend; 
     10.4 Do not sit on the players’ bench or otherwise interfere with the progress of the game. 
11. Respect the referees. Abuse of referees sets a bad example for our children and may result in a report and Tribunal hearing. 
12. Respect your teammates. 
13. Respect the opposition players and parents. Do not engage in any altercation with any member of the opposition. Call for assistance from the Club Marshal if there is any dispute. 
14. Play by the rules. 
15. All members will act with integrity and will not behave in any way that will bring the club into disrepute. 

16. Respect our training venues and equipment. Willful damage will result in disciplinary action. 
17. Attend all training sessions. If you are unable to attend training give your coach and/or team manager the courtesy of letting them know. 
18. Parents need to stay with their child/children during training.

19. Use the club Facebook page, Instagram, snap-chat to keep you updated of any new matters, and enjoy the photos and videos that the club posts regularly. Also to check the match date, match day, venue, and time information.
20. All communication between the Club and its members, between team representatives and members, and member-to- member, in whatever form, must be Club-related, appropriate and not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person, or bring the Club into disrepute. 

21. Concerns or complaints regarding team or player issues should, if possible, first be addressed to the coach and/or team manager. 
22. If the matter cannot be resolved within the team or you do not feel comfortable raising the matter with a team representative, refer the matter to the relevant Age-group Coordinator or Vice President who will act in accordance with our Complaints  Management Process (see by-laws). 

Coach and Team Manager Rules 
23. As a team official of a Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club team you are a representative of the Club and must act in accordance with our rules and our values. 
24. The acceptance of a volunteer to a role of coach or team manager is always at the discretion of the Club. 
25. In addition to the Membership Rules above, it is expected that you will: 
     25.1 Uphold the Club’s values of Respect, Good Sportsmanship and Enjoyment at all times. 
     25.2 Act with integrity and do not behave in any way that will bring the Club or your own reputation into disrepute. 
     25.3 Respond promptly to enquirers or requests made by your Age-Group 
     25.4 Enforce the Club’s fee payment policy and do not allow any player who has outstanding fees to participate with the team. 
     25.5 Have a valid Working with Children card. 
     25.6 Accept new members placed in your team. 
     25.7 Keep in mind that your first priority is for your players to have fun. 
     25.8 Instill the values of team-work and good sportsmanship in your players. 
     25.9 Not yell at your players or belittle them in any way. Remember they are children learning to play. Use positive reinforcement instead. 
     25.10 Remember that Soccer is a team sport. Give all players a fair and 
              reasonable amount of field time, encourage players to share the ball and play as a team.
     25.11 Value each player equally. Soccer is about participation and each team member has something to contribute. 
     25.12 Respect the referees. Abuse of referees sets a bad example for our children and may result in a report and Tribunal hearing. 
     25.13 Respect the opposition players and coaches. 
          25.14 Not attempt to introduce new members to your team without first consulting the relevant Age-Group Coordinator. 
     25.15 Keep in mind the age and stage of the children you are coaching and adapt your communication and coaching style accordingly. 
          25.16 Observe the Club's Charter for Coaches on Player Development.


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